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ZAKIYA HOOKER - Daughter of the Blues

Born Into The Blues

Zakiya Hooker was born in the Motor City - Detroit, Michigan - but she was also born into the blues.  You could even say she had a front-row seat to the best the genre had to offer, right in her own living room - her dad was the renowned blues giant, John Lee Hooker.  The blues has literally been with her from birth. ​

But rather than relying on her father, Zakiya has pursued life, and music, on her own terms, overcoming personal tragedy and skepticism along the way.  But you know what they say: “The fruit never falls too far from the tree.” 

Her music paints a broad swath in the styles it covers.  A strong and versatile vocalist, the jazzy, blues sound on her debut European release, Another Generation Of The Blues, and her second international release, Flavors of the Blues, takes you in and out of songs like “Hey Lady,” “Baby You Busted,” “Receipt To Sing The Blues” and “Protect Me From The Blues.” In 1998, Zakiya was included in the Every Woman’s Blues compilation, and in 2002 she was invited to perform with Johnnie Johnson on “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” on the Clarksdale To Heaven tribute CD.  In 2003, Zakiya released a live recording in Buenos Aires, Colors Of The Blues.   In 2004 she performed “Mean Mean World” and “Rock These Blues Away” on her father’s Face To Face album.  Her CDs "Keeping It Real" (2009) and In The Mood (2015) were released on their family label, Boogie With The Hook Records.

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